From space debris to business gold in 8 hours

Customer-focus meets sustainability in business innovation. Behind every tech breakthrough lie APIs, the unsung 'space debris' of IT. Transform them into business gold through swift, collaborative design thinking.

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Meet some of the organizations that have mentored the program:


Dive into an 8-hour immersion that unites disciplines for rapid, collaborative innovation.

Experience insights from business, tech, and sustainability experts in an atmosphere built for results.


Part 1: Ground operations

Start with a universal API language. Foster collaboration and plant seeds of innovation that resonate at both personal and organizational levels.

Part 2: Innovate with APIs

Fuel your customer-centric creative engine using the APIOps Cycles method. Harness mentor-driven insights and real-world examples for a tangible edge.

Part 3: Take off

The finale! Strengthen strategic innovation skills through pitches, touching business models, technology, and partner experiences. Secure your post-training path with actionable next steps.

What is Futudemy?

Learn to think outside the box. Be lazy in a smart way - automate manual work.

Network and learn how to solve real world problems: Meet working professionals who either study with you in the program or mentor you and meet students from other fields of studies and universities, even in other countries.

How? Join a Futudemy course, where you will

  • Be one step nearer to getting an interesting job
  • Have a small prize for innovating one of the most interesting ideas
  • Have 2 credit units of university studies

Learn how to find new ideas or automate manual processes or do things that are not even possible to do manually. We’ll introduce you to things like APIs and data, but on the level that fits your background of studies and experience. So no need to be afraid, embrace new things that you will need to know in almost any industry right now and even more in the future.

Futudemy is a 4-week project-based course where you will learn methods and tools that are gold in the current and future job markets. You will need 2 hours per week for the remote sessions and 2 hours per week to work on your own to do some research and prepare your final presentation. You will get feedback from mentors and peers during the process and at the end. The best presentations and presenters will receive a small prize and get public mentions that improve your chances of getting a job, advancing on your career or landing you a great thesis project.

We work together with universities and teachers to help you get a minimum of 2 credit units from universities of applied sciences. Ask your teacher / university what they require for you to get the credits. We are also happy to partner with new universities.

This course is based on Futudemy, a unique idea development concept created by Osaango Oy together Cisco and Laurea University of Applied Sciences. We welcome also other companies and universities to join us and offer public and tailored Futudemy-programs also to companies.

testimonials from space cadets

"The interactive tools and techniques were game-changers, aligning our mindset with customer needs. The inventive methodology is beneficial beyond just API design."

Practice architect, Bank

"Impressive session! As tech teams evolve, viewing APIs as products means better solutions and enhanced stewardship for the bank's API services."

Technology lead, Bank

"The real-world examples made things relatable. Witnessing how companies elevate developer experience was enlightening."

Product manager, SaaS


Design thinking led, API-enabled innovation is more than code—it's culture. Capture market share by sparking business enthusiasm for APIs. Guide tech teams towards meaningful API creation, ensuring quality and purpose.


Customized sessions for your team or be part of our shared journeys. Propel your business thinking to new galaxies!
P.s. we also provide Futudemy cohorts for academia.
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