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Innovate future-ready ideas

Zero gap between business and tech!
This is not an average hackathon or course.... Buckle up to learn more!
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Feb 2022 cohort!

Weekly every Tuesday from Feb 8th to March 8th, 2022 at 4 - 6 p.m. EET (Helsinki, Finland) - REMOTE

TO00BV12-3001 Futudemy: Innovate Future-ready Smart Business and Service Ideas

Scope: 2 ECTS - this course can be included in e.g. project studies for more credits and evaluation

For whom: All students at Laurea University of Applied sciences. The course is an excellent addition to the curriculums of e.g. business studies, service design, security management, project management, entrepreneurship, future studies, IT and digital services.

You are very welcome to join the Futudemy cohort. Since we are offering the academic students a free experience, we rely on partners and professionals to pay small fees for participation.

We hope this won't be a problem for you. Please sign up with the form you'll find by clicking the button and we'll be intouch with you with further details about participation and payments.

How Futudemy works?

Join the next cohort - 2 h/week x 4 weeks, online
with 2 hours per week individual/team time.

Zero gap between business and tech!

This is not your average hackathon or course!
Futudemy provides a guided experience to creative use of APIs, data and technology to improve business and society.
Join Futudemy to...
  • learn about business, API and data products or new technology
  • develop an idea you already are interested in but you'd like a team and mentors to help you
  • prepare for a hackathon you intend to participate

Get unique advantage

Combine design thinking and business with APIs, data and connected technology. Be part of the connected, data-centric future. Learn to innovate - Find more unique business opportunities for the future!
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No time like the present to make the future!

During the 4 week program you will be expected to use 8 hours in joint sessions with other participants and another 8 hours of your own time / asynchronously working with your team online.

We'll be hosting a cohort appr. every 6 weeks (holiday season excluded).

Navigate the space

We have partners and mentors who help you to innovate and understand the possibilities.

Our mentors have decades of experience in business innovation, APIs and data products as well as new technologies.

Small fee for big future

Working professionals and organizations are charged a small fee.

If you have your own team and idea & resources or special request, contact us!

Free for students and their teachers

students with student id and their teachers are welcome to apply free of charge. We want to ensure a great experience, so we will limit the amount of participants.


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What is Futudemy?

Futudemy breaks silos between industries, business, design and technology to teach innovation and use of data, smart technologies and APIs as key ingredients to innovate better experiences and solutions to business and societal problems.

All industries, even the most traditional and human-centric are becoming more data- and digitally driven, while professionals from silos need to be able to work together to solve new problems, often with new technology and data that they’ve never even heard of. 

  • Business professionals need more understanding on digital and data solutions and business models. 
  • IT professionals need more experience on how to solve business problems with data and technology. 
  • Service designers need to include data, AI-based solutions, automation and even smart devices from washing machines to smart buildings to the customer journeys.
  • Industry specialists from hospitality, security, nursing, and others need to be involved in the development of their industry, customer experience and practices.

This course is based on Futudemy, a unique idea development concept created by Osaango Oy. The hackathon-style course features 4 x 2h Futudemy sessions, where you’ll generate new business ideas based on data and APIs (application programming interfaces, essential to using data and smart technologies) together with other students, partners and mentors, such as Cisco. Outside of the sessions you will have time to develop the ideas further while learning how to combine service design and business ideas with data, APIs and technology.