Futudemy Sep 20 - Oct 11 2022 - Energy efficient schools

Futudemy Sep 20 - Oct 11 2022 - Energy efficient schools

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Remote, short learning program - NOTE: The remote sessions are held at 3.-5 p.m. EET / Helsinki time

Real job skills - 2 ETCS for UAS students - Networking with professionals

Think outside the box! Learn to innovate digital services and automate manual work

Network and learn how to solve real world problems. Meet working professionals who either study with you in the program or mentor you and meet students from other fields of studies and universities, even in other countries.

How? Join a Futudemy course, where you will

  • Be one step nearer to getting an interesting job
  • Have a small prize for innovating one of the most interesting ideas
  • Gain 2 ETCS as a student!
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    How does it work?

    Want to know more? Enroll to the preview course, where you will find our Futudemy workbook, examples and you can start developing your idea.

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